Der Wein-Report


Die Rebfläche in Südtirol bei den roten Sorten hat sich deutlich verringert, während jene der weißen Sorten stark zugenommen hat. Alles über die Entwicklung der Weinanbaufläche in Südtirol.

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La Cantina Valle Isarco


La più piccola e giovane delle cantine produttori dell’Alto Adige sorge in un’area viticola tra le più speciali: la Valle Isarco, il terroir più settentrionale d’Italia.

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Wines and Spirits International in Südtirol


Dieses Seminar ist eine fachlich standardisierte internationale Basisausbildung im Bereich „Weine und Spirituosen der Welt“. Absolventen erlangen dadurch die Fähigkeit, internationale Weine und Spirituosen besser zu verstehen und zu bewerten.

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Course registration


For more than 40 years the Sommelier-Vereinigung Südtirol has developed from the sole course provider to a professional and structured training centre. Its aim is to promote, support and above all communicate wine culture in South Tyrol by means of a sustainable training programme.

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Course contents


For more than forty years the Sommelierverieinigung Südtirol has been the sole professional provider of wine education in South Tyrol. Its aim is to promote wine culture in South Tyrol by means of offering a high quality education programme.

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Course content Level 3


The adaptation food-wine is the culmination of sommelier training! It leads from the theory of a graphical representation to the practical application of the adaptation principles.

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Course content Level 2


Wine language and tasting techniques are deepened. The world of wine opens up for you: national and international oenography is on the programme.

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Course content Level 1


Here you learn tasting methods and service techniques. The use of the right glasses is on the programme as well as the guided tour of a wine cellar, the tasks of a sommelier, some information about winemaking techniques and viticulture. In 16 lessons you will learn the necessary basics.

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Service brigade


The first wines of the vintage 2018 could be tasted meanwhile. According to information from the wine consortium of 19.10.2018 South Tyrol's wine producers expect a good result.

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