How to become a sommelier?

In a restaurant the sommelier works to meet the needs of customers whilst ensuring the wines are paired well with the menu. Ideally a sommelier has acquired the formal training to be versed in all aspects of wine service, wine acquisition, storage and cellar management.

For more than forty years the Sommelierverieinigung Südtirol has been the sole professional provider of wine education in South Tyrol. Its aim is to promote wine culture in South Tyrol by means of offering a high quality education programme. 

In South Tyrol wine represents a cultural asset of highest importance, with close links to our country’s history, landscape, culture and tourism. Increasing one’s knowledge and expertise on the wine of South Tyrol and beyond contributes to raise your professional credits. What’s more, it is also promising personal enrichment!

To our courses we welcome those working in gastronomy, wineries, the wine trade and everyone passionate about wine. We ensure teaching by a highly qualified and passionately committed team. 

Photo: Anna Cerrato

Discover everything about wine, from introductory level courses to our sommelier courses including a state-approved diploma according to the guidelines of the AIS (Associazione Italiana Sommelier). Many call themselves sommelier, but haven’t got what it takes. Only the state-approved sommelier certificate guarantees full professional recognition, thanks to

  • a full, practice-oriented and tested education programme
  • a final exam consisting of written and oral parts 
  • the award of the state-approved sommelier diploma (acc. to DPR 539 of 06.04.1973)
  • the badge of the Sommeliervereinigung, designed to designate businesses  employing certified sommeliers



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